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Preliminary Master Plan

The master plan analyzes and recommends trail alignment and amenities for an interconnected trail system and regional extensions for the community of Hill City. The purpose of the master plan is to provide a quantitative information, guide the process of future development, safe use, and operation of the Hill City Trail Plan as a Non-motorized recreational and commuter trail system. This master plan also establishes itself as a guiding document for the City, community, and trail groups to help create usable trails within the vicinity of Hill City. 

Hill City Trails Master Plan in-progress

Hill City Trail Master Plan Goals: 

  1. Establish a network of trail types around the Community of Hill City. 
  2. Provide a Master Planning Document that will serve as a planning document for Trail Development for years to come. 
  3. Establish multiple trail types that will enhance the economic vitality of the community of Hill City to Grow; Tourism, Users, businesses and to enhance the value of the community. 

Project UPDATE: 

The Mickelson Trail has become a major destination for trail enthusiasts growing the economic value of Hill City. 

Hill City Trail Master Plan Mission Statement: 

To provide a foundation for trail design and planning around the Hill City Community to enhance the outreach to recreation,and grow the economic vitality of Hill City Businesses. 

The Master Planning Process: 

The master plan will follow a strategic plan laid out to review, analysis, field verify, and document the potential trail opportunities in and around the community of Hill City. Trail Types will be developed to look at the needs of Hill City to provide better connectivity throughout the community and surrounding area.

Though the Process a steering committee has been established to assist in the initial layout of key trails and connection points. The connection points have been established through the community to provide the best connections to business districts, schools, neighborhoods, and churches.

The potential trails will be field verified and analyzed for feasibility to establish a trail within the area. Each trail will be mapped out and established based on the connection points.

A public Input meeting will occur to provide trail information, a round table discussion, and Q&A for the public to provide their valued insight into the potential to expand trails throughout the Hill City area. Economic vitality and growth is a key element to providing strong trails. Establishing Hill City, South Dakota as a hub for a wide variety of trail users is the longterm goal of the Trail Development Process.  

Public Input: 

Through the Master Planning Process Public Input in required to provide a detailed, holistic, and community focused plan that will stand to best represent Hill City. A public meeting with a round table discussion will be held on 1/13/2022.  Please attend to find out more information about Hill City Trails.  

Public Input Meeting Questionnaire Electronic Form